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Orlando Pantojas
NuWave Developers

An Entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the technology field. On 1999 I opened my first business, Connective Concepts in Gibbstown NJ. We retailed and repaired wireless services and equipment. For 15 years my business was part of the wireless revolution. I experienced every change on the wireless industry, from flip phones, to texting, to touch screens, to internet, the born of Facebook and social media, you name it. It was a rewarding journey that came to an end on 2012. Technology change so quickly that I needed to adjust.


That's why I created NuWave Developers. A company to provide services on Demand. I enrolled on an online school to get certified on IT Support, because technology is changing so fast and people are in need of support. I can set up your home Wi-Fi and get it secured, I can design a website for your business, repair and setup your wireless phone and many other non technology services like installing laminate floors and total room remodeling. I also provide ride, delivery and moving services. Visit my services to learn more.

I look forward to work with you. Those of you that visit my store, know how well I provided Excellent, knowledgeable and Affordable service to my customers.


Inbox me any questions. Looking forward to work with you.

Orlando Pantojas.


NuWave Developers.


Life Achievements

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Need more details? Contact me Today!!

I'm are here to assist. Contact me by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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